Get Sponty - the new generation mobile social app that makes it easy to connect with friends in the real world

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What is it

Get Sponty is the mobile app to help you organize getting together with friends

Get Sponty - the new generation mobile social app that makes it easy to connect with friends in the real world

Get Sponty facilitates sending and receiving invitations between you and your friends

Why Get Sponty

Social is Simple

Unlike a work calendar, you don't need all the business scheduling features that really just gets in the way when arranging socials.

Contacts vs Friends

Buried inside your contact list are the people that really matter to you, your friends. Get Sponty makes it easy to prioritize your friends to easily invite them.

Location is Key

When making social arrangements, where it is and how long it takes to get there is important.

Organizing Friends

We make it easy, because organizing friends can be nearly impossible, but they are worth the effort.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Sponty?

Get Sponty is a new free social organizer app that makes getting together with your people so much simpler.

How does it work?

Get Sponty lets you organize get-togethers with your phone address book - you create the event, invite your contacts and they choose to accept or decline.

Where can I get it?

Get Sponty is currently available in Google Play store (for Android) and on the Apple App Store (for iOS) too.

Which platforms are supported?

Get Sponty is available for Android and iOS, with support for all platforms (including Windows, Blackberry, etc.) on event invitation responses.

Does it integrate with my phone calendar?

Yes! If allowed to do so, Get Sponty will setup calendar events and reminders for upcoming events that involve you.

Who can I invite?

Anyone in your phone address book. While the app may currently only be used by Android or iOS users, anyone can be invited to and respond to events, and there are ways to share the event with them that allows them to respond with needing the app to be installed.

Can I invite people who are not on Get Sponty to my events?

Yes! Get Sponty will SMS the people you invite who don’t yet have the app installed, and send them a web page link to use when responding to the event. Don't worry, the SMS is on us.

Can people who I don’t invite still see my events?

No! Your events are private, and only those whom you invite will be able to see it. Additionally, viewing of other invitees is also limited in some ways.